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Related article: Date : Fri, 12 November 2010 16 36th 09 -0800 ( PST ) From: Hairy Italian u003chairyitalian27 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Adam and Grant Chapter 2 Scat n This is a story of erotic fiction gay hardcore and may include glanders, scat, urination, vomiting, Masturbation, sex anal / oral, children, or incest. If you do not stop reading the age of majority in your country or if this type of literature that are offended, , please. This work is completely fictional. observations, dirt, dirt, and what you normally send to free tour preteen me are welcome at: hairyitalian27 home preteen photo yahoo. com ~ ~ V I'm looking forward to hearing from you perverts! BAT HAIL OF COCK! _____________________________________________________________________ is Chapter 2 Adam on his way home as fast as he could. No man would be to go home, and he was able to do as fast as Grant wanted to do before someone would come. Park the car ran into the driveway, which is more or under the door and the inside, make sure it locks behind him, so that could have something like a warning when someonecame home early. put shit in the microwave, as Grant asked the heating in it and permeated by the stench of shit through the kitchen as he did. licked his lips, Adam could not just wait to spend some time with shit. Under his hot fresh shit up with him, went to the bathroom, kicking off his shoes n. This would be the easiest way to get rid of your y clear evidence of their nasty fetish. The shit was hot in his hand and pulled out his cell phone, so has some pictures of her naked body to take Grant until he'd smear the shit all over his cock and masturbate. He shot a couple of play with the shit, taste and lick before sitting in the bathtub, Fishing his cell phone on the edge of the tub before he was sink into depravity again. Adam began running that shit smells bad in my temple tap. Striped long brown line of mud across the young cock, moaning When he felt the warm, Inhale tthat smell bad, coughs a few times despite n a. He looked at the camera and licked his fingers, turn the shit around the mouth when the bitter taste filled his senses, and sipped a preteen fantasy cartoons
bit before slowly shaking his cock back and forth, the run over the shit in the anus and testicles hairy. Gasping, his hands faster and faster, panting and moaning. preteen none nudes Completely in the moment. The bathroom door opened suddenly crashed into the wall. "What the hell ? " Shouted a voice. Adam felt he could die at that time. It was his father. that eyes remained open to his father when he broke into the bathroom, snorting a little when she saw her son covered in shit, with a hard tail. Father Adam, Ralph, was about 6 feet 4, hairy like an animal, and built shit like a brick house. His stomach, but one, strong muscles and arms. His father was in a shirt and boxers, and sadly in of his filthy, sinful son. " Answer me, Adam. What the hell? ? ? " anger in the eyes of his father, and Adam was so traumatized even could not speak, he sat with his mouth open with the shit na him, covered in shit, but the empty queue quickly and hung limply above their shit covered ball. CRACK ! Ralph opened his right fist in the face of his son, hitting him in the glare was in. he bowed when he stays in the face of his son. growled " Answer me ! "I felt Adam pain, turned his head before his hand came and chin touched the cover was shit, and so was his father. That his eyes turned to his father, but he still could not talk or tears eyes. he felt his father n tingling beard on his chin, before his father suddenly from his face. "Okay. " had a strong influence on his shoulder, and he felt his father push it down for him with his face up in the bathtub. Ralph and moved around placed on his son and watched him put it in ths bathtub. He wanted to sex innocente preteen teach your child to teach young erotic preteens him a lesson. It took him a lesson. is pulling his boxers down and leave them before they squatted the face of his son. "Is this what you want, son? For a disgusting vile preteen girl movie
to be. Homosexuals in the eyes of God? " Ralph let out a long fart preteen none nudes spray. Adam looked at his hairy anus the father for the first time in his life. No. You look hairy than I ever could have imagined, a forest of evil, twisted and dark hair. The stench of his father met his fart nose and took a deep breath, grunt and then cough. Diseased eyes watered from the smell of his father. " Yes, it smells like that? That's not the worst. This is like God is going to think, smell, from now on, because you are so are an abomination to n the eyes ! " another fart spray, spit shit this time from Adam to the face, choked panty styles preteens again in the stench was the worst he had ever smelled, , was grimaced as he pushed his father in the thigh. "... Dad... Just please, stop! " " Sou have to know the error of his ways child. This is the only n. " Another nasty fart exploded this time, and every fart, I had the ass to approach your child 's face. Hair donkey face tickle Adam hardcore very preteen
now, growling hair, the smell of awful smoke from his father the year. Doggleberries thing that covered her hair and looked at his father's trench smell , where choked and started vomiting. " This is the right child of spit out the bad in you. Puke up! " That's when Ralph sat on the face of his son, his fat ass spread around the face of his son. Adam opened his mouth, he clung to his father cheek now, for in the plan of his father vomiting, drooling snot of his the nose, like his father rubbed the cracks in the face of his son. " Open your mouth, baby. " Adam could not believe it. Shook his head as if to take, breathless draws a puff from his father, Asscrack buried. Ralph growled n and your child to reach balls, put a fist around the two balloons preteen sluty girls grunted and began to exert too much pressure on the hinside. Adam could hear the crackling and moving shit in his father s right, shuddered and tried to get away yet, but his father was only heavily on his face. He felt his father from the anus to enlarge open, extended his hole, with a few nasty stutters and winks the hole, began shit slide against the side of Adam. Ralph broke the balls to his son at this time, I could hear, the gasp in his ass, and he pushed his shit all the way log others of his mouth screaming child. Adam felt his shot at the record the mouth and wrapped her lips around it and tried something that has to go of his mouth, the liberation of the multitude of his balls, but his father shit is. Is pressing on the back of the throat, which is presented in shitlog for Adam to vomit again against big bloody hole in preteens video tgp his father. Adam was sure I could fit a basketball up there was so wide. " You see tears and more angry with his son, the body! " Finally, his father satt is more fluid like shit out of his hole, growled when he saw his son, preteen nude nymphet record full of shit in your mouth, choke and strangle him. Adam 's face was covered in shit and vomiting. His chest was vomiting, covered his own. Adam 's eyes were wide in fear of his father at that moment and stared at him while his chest heaved , the tears flowing from her eyes. He grunted a bit, however, look more beautiful body of his father. A slight chill, was the rock hard cock of his father. Oozing and dripping pre-cum at the drop of vomit / shit in the bathtub. Ralph saw the eyes of his son in line and sat back over and saw her son in the eye. This dark brown eyes looked at his son s for a long time. The smell of hot shit in your hair, eyes, Adams is not his father's hesitation. Adam could feel his heartbeat in his ear, pounding hard. I had no idea what he had done his father now... He had taken his punishment, he thought. His father suddenly smiled sadistically and presshis lips Shit n your child in his mouth and gave her son a kiss deep shit, hungry the tongue to fall on your child's preteen hardcore bbs mouth and bit off a piece of shit and refuses of back to his own excrement before your child to chew. Not to say a word as it did. Gag a few times before Ralph and preteen summer camps vomited, and drooling grunting as he did, the vomit splashing in the tub. He wiped his mouth, from when he preteen thing pussy looks at his son and then rose. " Clean this shit from his mother and his brother home soon. " shit Some more is pushed out, grunting as he did, and ends do a fart. " does not do shit until we meet tomorrow morning. Let your brother, and mother s, I will go home. We have much preteen usenet index more to do with the patch n ways twisted and sinful. " Ralph was on a roll of toilet paper and wiped flush it down the toilet and wipe his face quickly. achieved by boxers and opened it and he left his son there. the closure of the door behind him. Adam was in shock. Beyond shock. His father 's words to him before looked around and took some of his father's shit smeared preteen none nudes on n and its tail again, he was able to finish the work. Violently pumping the cock of her s, licking and biting off more shit from his father before he blinked. there on upskirt preteen
the edge of the tub, the camera is running. white gobs of cum shot out of the teen cock, as he said, This leads to a wild orgasm, all for the camera before turning down exhausted. He had a lot to clean and keep everything in order. To be continued....... -------------------------------------------- ------------------------ Shoot me a message if you want to know more, are fully satisfied and refuse to long way : hairyitalian27 yahoo. com ~ ~ V Copyright 2010

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